Privacy Policy

last modified October 13th of 2023

Mobile refers to the mobile app available for smartphones.
Website refers to the website,

Data we collect (Mobile and Website)

We collect a minimal amount of information on our users. This includes the following:

  1. HTTP logs which may contain User-Agent, IP address, HTTP headers, and full-URL.
  2. The email address generated by visiting our services.
  3. An authentication token generated which gives you access to your temporary email.
  4. A number of how many current users are connected to our services (displayed publicly).

Cloudflare, an unaffiliated service which we use to proxy our traffic, may collect extra information not listed, in this privacy policy. Please review their privacy policy at the following link:

Email addresses and tokens generated are ephemeral, will be erased one (1) hour after the initial email generation.
Users who generate an Email address using TempMail Plus or TempMail Ultra will have their address deleted ten (10) or thirty (30) hours, respectively.
The main page,, will access the server every five (5) seconds to check for new emails.

Data sharing

We do not share our data of our users knowingly. We require users connect to our site using encryption, which is managed automatically by modern browsers. Emails sent to our server are sent unencrypted over the Internet, but encrypted before being sent to users.

Data may be shared to an unaffiliated third-party Google Analytics for analytical data and Google Adsense for advertising.
See their privacy policy at the following link:

For the mobile version, data may be shared to an unaffiliated third-party Google AdMob for advertising.
Upon opening the app, you shall be prompted if you wish not to be tracked. If no such prompt is shown, you will not be tracked by default.
If you are tracked, you are subject to data collection via Google AdMob, see their privacy policy at the following link:

Proof of ownership (Mobile and Website)

User Content refers to data you upload to our services when you use our products.
User Content is owned by the end-user, and is not given to third-parties unless required by law.
By using our services, you grant BananaCrumbs LLC the following license:

Data Usage (Mobile and Website)

The above data is sent through third-party servers which are not affiliated with our services:

  1. Cloudflare
  2. Oracle Cloud

Erasure (Mobile and Website)

Due to potential abuse of our website, we store logs for up to six (6) months. These logs are deleted automatically after six (6) months.

Temporary email addresses which are generated are deleted automatically after the expiration time, and no emails are stored past the email expiration time.

Users may request data erasure by emailing [email protected]. Please wait at most one (1) month before your request is processed.

User data, such as a BananaCrumbs ID Webhook or Custom Domain Emails, may be stored on our server persistently if added by the user. Users may request a deletion of this, or may delete it manually by using our application programming interface.