TempMail February 2024 Updates

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Hello everyone! It has been several months since the last update, and a lot has changed!

Introducing TempMail Accounts

Instead of using a 24 number and 36 character authentication method, you can now use a TempMail account, linked to your (non-temporary) email address and API Key, which you can use to access the TempMail API. If your API key is ever compromised, re-create one on the dashboard.

TempMail Plus and TempMail Ultra are now subscription based, but can be cancelled anytime through the dashboard. Crypto payments are currently not available until I figure out a solution on my end.

Server Upgrades

Thanks to everyone supporting TempMail, we have been able to make some server upgrades. Some of which were overdue.

First thing I want to address is the 500 errors. Many of this was due to several year old software working overtime to keep up with the amount of requests. We have since switched from using Redis to using MongoDB for everything, including statistics.

The server itself has been upgraded to have more than three times the amount resources than last blog post, and nearly all issues have been resolved with the server.


Now it’s time to talk about subdomains. Until now, all of the domains which I have been using have been on the root domain (such as example.com), however, the current solution allows you to use ANY subdomain on a domain, and even allows you to choose which subdomain you want! Keep in mind that this will only allow you to choose subdomains from current domains, so you will have to check the site periodically for new domains, or just get it from the API.

Subdomains can be chosen the same way that normal domains are chosen through the API or libraries.

Subdomains on Custom Domains

Subdomains on Custom Domains are supported as well! (Though, they were technically supported before, now they are officially supported!).

New Custom Domains

Version Two of the TempMail API included a lot of changes, including a brand new way to register domains to your TempMail account. Instead of using a password, you can now POST /v2/custom with your domain in JSON POST data (and authorization), and we will give you a UUID which you can use to verify ownership of the domain by adding it to your domain’s records.

This new system will help to reduce TempMail detection, as well as make it easier for users. Your API Key will be used to access it, the same one used to POST to the domain, and no more password will be required for you to access it. Pretty cool, huh?

You can access the documentation for this on the TempMail Wiki.

Retiring BananaCrumbs IDs

I’ll admit that this system was flawed at the beginning. I wanted to make sure users had the privacy they needed, but I quickly realized this was beginning to be a problem, especially for corporations which wanted to use the API. An interface like that looked sketchy at best.

All BananaCrumbs IDs will continue to work; however, no new time can be added to them. This will allow people to migrate to the new system, which is easier for me and everyone else to manage.

Migration of BananaCrumbs IDs

You can migrate your ID at the TempMail Accounts Page, where you will be prompted to enter your ID and token for your old ID once you create a new account. Keep in mind though, if your new account gets time added to it before migrating, you cannot migrate an old ID to that account.

Subscription-Based Pricing

Since BananaCrumbs IDs were purely based on adding 30 days of time, this new system works with Stripe’s Subscription platform to have auto-renewing subscriptions, instead of having users add time to an ID. You would not believe how many issues there were with the old system…


I cannot believe that we have over eighty million emails received! This is an incredible milestone, and I can’t wait until we reach in the nine-digits!


Thank you for reading! And as always, feel free to contact me on Discord if you need help. If you want, please let us know how you use TempMail in the Discord server in the new #showcase channel!