TempMail Is Now Using Bun!

We switched to Bun, and the results are outstanding

It’s been a while since we’ve posted last! In the background, the TempMail server is now faster than ever before, thanks to Bun.sh, a JavaScript runtime which has proven to be faster than the default Node runtime in our cases.

First Things First

Thank you to Ashton Memer for converting the server to Bun!


Since switching to Bun, we have seen the startup time for our server decrease from 15+ seconds to less than one second! Users were getting 500-level error codes because the default Node runtime could not keep up with the amount of request per second our server is getting. Since switching to bun, the average API request time went from 100 ms average to 20 milliseconds!

At peak, our service has had more than 200,000 inboxes active at any given time! A feat that would’ve resulted in many 500-level errors given the standard Node runtime.

In terms of memory, we’ve found that Bun, on average, uses 1.5 times more memory than the Node runtime. We believe that this is a fair tradeoff between performance and resources.

Next for TempMail and BananaCrumbs

We’re also excited to announce a new account system for BananaCrumbs, one where you can use your Email to register and create API keys! We will be releasing a post about this in the future.