Using the TempMail Plus API

TempMail Plus was designed to be backwards-compatible with the existing API. Learn how to use it here!

The TempMail Plus features are designed to be backwards compatible with the existing API; that is, you should not have to change any code to get your setup working.

Generating Emails

First, support for our libraries will come in future updates. To generate an address using your TempMail Plus account for higher rate-limits, include the following headers:

  • X-BananaCrumbs-ID this will include your 24-number BananaCrumbs ID.
  • X-BananaCrumbs-MFA this is your (about) 36 character MFA token that was included with your BananaCrumbs ID.

Once these headers are sent inside the request, you should receive a normal email and token! Note that while TempMail Plus inboxes do last for up to ten hours, you will have to check it every ten minutes to ensure it does not get erased early.

There are some common errors that may occur if you enter the wrong information. The error is displayed inside the JSON information when the API returns data.

Custom Inboxes

Custom inboxes are not tied to your BananaCrumbs ID. Simply having an ID is enough to use custom domains. They still use the same system that has been in place before, but requires the two HTTP headers as mentioned in the Generating Emails section of this article.


When it comes to setting up your program using our API, we can help through our Discord Server. For questions regarding billing, purchases, etc., please find our email on our contact page.


Thank you for reading! You can check out TempMail Plus at the following link: